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About Big Red Airsoft

We believe that airsoft is an experience whether it is your first time playing or you have been playing for decades we want to support you and help the community grow. That is why we strive to bring you the perfect experience, service, and products.  At our core, our passion for quality, safety, and professionalism make us the airsoft company to beat.

Why Big Red Airsoft

Big Red Airsoft prides ourselves on the drive to please our customers.  We will go the extra mile to help out and make the experience worth it.  We do our best to educate you with experience and information so that we can figure out what is best for you rather than just getting product out the door.

If you find yourself really enjoying the sport of airsoft and you are over the entry level or even mid level replicas and you are wanting to make the jump to high end especially HPA we are the company for you. We will sit down and offer over 10 years of experience and knowledge to help you design and discover your dream replica. Again this is about our customers and providing the best experience we can for them. You can either work out your design with us and build it yourself, have us build it for you, or we can work with you personally one on one so that you know the ins, outs, and every detail about your replica.


Matthew "Big Red" Krueger
Owner & Operator
Truck and Trailer_edited_edited.jpg
Hercules and The Continental
Mobile Unit

Brands We Work With

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Wolverine Airsoft.jpg
Amped Airsoft.png
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